AI & Robotics
Invest beyond the hype

Powered by knowledge,
curiosity and passion

We believe the future belongs to those who invest in understanding and preparing for it.

As a result, we have dedicated many years to market analysis and world-class scientific research, which has enriched our know-how and understanding of the fundamental trends driving innovation.

This added value can be seen across the strong convictions and concentrated positions we have in all of our thematic portfolios, and in the acquired insightful knowledge that we regularly share with our investors.

Curious about the themes
driving our future?

Our focus on technology, healthcare and renewable energy has allowed us to develop expertise and capture high-growth investments in the public equities markets that promise to have a long-term impact on the world, along with superior returns.

Unconventional investing, unconventional results


We invest in the future we imagine possible. We aim for sustained structural growth through active investments, inspired by a private equity approach applied to listed equities. As a result, our products show relatively low correlations to broad market indexes, allowing true diversification for investors.