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Frontiers in Brain Research


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As part of its collaboration with The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem, AtonRâ Partners had the pleasure to welcome Professor Idan Segev, the Head of the University's Department of Neurobiology. AtonRâ Partners and Idan Segev share the same passion for research, and as we always say at AtonRâ: knowledge is power, but sharing this knowledge is essential!

There are today many exciting projects trying to understand the brain and its diseases, and Prof. Idan Segev has the power to explain complicated science in a very simple way. During this conference, Idan presented what the future of brain research will be and its clinical and technological implications. Incredible advances in neuroscience, where technological advances meet biological discoveries, will change the way we treat many neurological diseases, from Parkinson's disease to Alzheimer's.


Read more here.


We also invite you all to watch the video of the conference:


Watch the interview on YouTube ->


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Luc Julia and Jonas Richiardi shared with us their vision on Artificial Intelligence


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Monday May 20th, we hosted an event around the theme of Artificial Intelligence.


AtonRâ Partners had the great honor to welcome two exceptional speakers who shared with us their vision on AI. Luc Julia, head of Innovation at Samsung, co-creator of the Apple’s Siri system and author of the book “L’Intelligence artificielle n’existe pas”, and Jonas Richiardi, Clinical Research Leader at the Department of Radiology of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV) in Lausanne. He is currently developing novel statistical learning and signal processing methods to enable useful prediction with biomedical data (in particular high-dimensional time series, imaging, liquid biomarkers, and genomic data), with a focus on the brain. Mr Richardi is also an independent board member of AtonRâ Partners...


Read more here (Article in English)


 You can also watch Luc Julia's interview in French: 


Watch the interview on YouTube ->

Click here to discover our investment theme Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.

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On October 18, 2018, AtonRâ Partners hosted a conference for the launch of the theme: "Sustainable Future"


Climate change and a growing world population have started to spark major changes in our living habits and the adoption of sustainable behaviors.

The Sustainable Future certificate captures the growth in all industries contributing to the sustainable development of our planet, from renewable energies and energy storage through water & waste management to smart transportation and technologies.



  Download the presentation 

  Discover our certificate dedicated to Sustainable Future

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On May 24, 2018, AtonRâ Partners and On Finance hosted a visit to the CSCS (Swiss National Supercomputing Center) in Lugano, which is among the world’s most powerful supercomputers. The visit was followed by an event dedicated to "Artificial Intelligence – The Technology of the Future".

This event highlighted once again the importance of computing power for AI.


Download the presentation 

Download the report "AI - Tecnologia del futuro" (in Italian)

Discover our certificate dedicated to AI 

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On March 22, 2018, Parallax Advisors organized a conference about investment opportunities in healthcare.

​AtonRâ Partners was one of the speakers and we presented the investment theme: Bionics

When nature inspires technology

Nature always inspired man and researchers for inventions and innovations. The dream of flying like a bird or swimming like a fish is as old as mankind itself. Leonardo Da Vinci, for example, centuries ago, attempted to exploit the principles of bird flight to design a flying machine...



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On June 15, 2017, we hosted an after-work event dedicated to "Artificial Intelligence – The Technology of the Future".

We do realize that sometimes the terminology and key concepts around AI are hard to understand for those who lack a technical background in mathematics and computer science. Research rapidly advances, which makes these concepts increasingly complex and reliant on a scientific vocabulary that keeps expanding.

The aim of this article is to take a step back and provide the reader with a simple understanding of what makes today’s advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) possible. Moreover, we provide additional explanations of technical concepts in simple words to make them further accessible.



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