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At AtonRâ we believe that in this difficult moment sharing and collaborating is the key to overcome the Covid-19 crisis. In this sense this page is our small contribution, providing free access to all material we have and are producing related to the current situation. We also share here the results of our ongoing monitoring effort about the developments in the medical sector, through the interactive tables available here below. We will be regularly updating both table content as well as the list of documents.

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18.05.2020 NEW

Moderna: The Story Continues...

Moderna's shares rose sharply today after the company released positive interim Phase 1 data for mRNA-1273, its Covid-19 vaccine candidate. But the story began long before the Covid-19 outbreak appeared.

A few months after its IPO in December 2018, we bought Moderna for our biotech and healthcare M&A certificates at around $17, on the prospects of its technological platform. Although the mRNA therapeutics field is still unproven with no approved drugs yet, we have always believed that this class of drugs could represent the next generation of drugs.

COVID-19 Does Not Slow Down The Testing Of The Chinese Digital Currency

Screenshots of online wallets used in testing China’s central bank digital currency (“CBDC”) emerged last week. The leaked screenshots confirm that China is getting closer to launch its digital currency.

Electric Vehicle Sales - A Massive Rebound Might Be Ahead of Us

We believe that as countries start easing their lockdowns, social distancing will work in favor of private vehicle ownership since people will avoid using public transport.

COVID-19: You’re Not Going To Kill Us All But Maybe Make Us Better

I, like many others, wonder if the world will be a better or worse place once the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us and once we can return to a more “normal” life.

Investment Recipes
Special Issue: Medicine Fights Back

As the COVID-19 health crisis continues to make headlines, we decided to focus this issue of our Investment Recipes on the medical answers that are being prepared.

Assessing The Medical And Economical situation

Having a world that is on a standstill for too long represents an even higher risk than COVID-19 itself and is not worth the price for any one of us.

Comparing 1918 Spanish Flu Financial Markets With Today

As at the time of the Spanish flu, the news flow was spreading much slower than today, we might speculate that the market only took notice once the damages on the economy occurred.

Investment Recipes
Special Issue: Towards New Paradigm

Financial markets are in a free fall, and everything that has enough liquidity is being sold indiscriminately, as investors are running for cash as if there’s no tomorrow.

The Unexpected Consequences Of Covid-19

The past week had been quite dramatic, with both a significant increase in infections everywhere outside of China combined with financial markets reacting in panic.

Will Moderna Find The First Vaccine Against Coronavirus?

As COVID-19 contamination spreads around the globe, Moderna (in our biotechnology and healthcare M&A certificates) announced that its first vaccine would be tested in Phase I study.

Interactive tables

Medical solutions

This table presents the various medical solutions actually being explored to treat and prevent COVID-19 listed by company.


Diagnostic tests

This table presents the various diagnostic tests and methods currently available to detect COVID-19 in the population.