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AtonRâ Partners' equity selection is implemented into a proprietary thematic index. The index is actively managed, it does not seek to replicate the performance of any benchmark.

There are several instruments through which investors can be exposed to the AtonRâ Partners thematic index's performance:

  • Actively managed certificates
  • Investment funds
  • Managed accounts




Thanks to these structures AtonRâ can focus on its strategy and apply a conviction investment approach.


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The issuing bank wraps the index into a tracking certificate (a note). The index's performance is computed daily by an independent calculating agent and paid-out to the investor by the issuer.

This investment solution is cost effective for investors as it does not involve any hidden expenses on top of disclosed fees.

The certificates are issued by established and trusted banks. Investors have an option to hedge the issuer's credit risk.




For those investors that are not able to include certificates into their strategies or wish to be exposed to themes through other instruments there are two fund solutions: the reserved investment fund (RIF) and the specialized investment fund (SIF).


  • They track the performance of our existing indexes,
  • Funds are managed by an authorized AIFM,
  • For those who prefer their investments to be supervised, SIF is regulated by the Luxembourg Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier "CSSF",
  • Option to hedge the credit risk,
  • Same investment flexibility as in certificates.



Managed accounts are individually tailored investments designed to meet the specific objectives and needs of today's sophisticated investors.